Kazimierz Jasiński-Szela


Born in Frampol in 1937. He studied at the State College of Plastic Arts in Wrocław under guidance of Professors: Mr and Mrs. Stanisław Dawski and Maria Dawska and Mr. Zbigniew Karpiński. In 1964, he obtained his Diploma with honours. He deals with painting and applied graphic arts.

Abstract art was the first phase of his creativity. For a period of twenty years, the Artist created in postmodernist style, then his art underwent transformation and came back to realism. He finds the subject-matter of his works also in his family little town. From amongst his works created hitherto, it is worthwhile to mention the following: 

  • 20 individual exhibitions, including two held in Berlin

  • numerous national exhibitions presented in Warsawa, Wrocław, Lublin, Katowice, Toruń, Szczecin and Poznań, among other ones

He participated in many exhibitions arranged for particular district or a circle in Poland or abroad, for example at the Steiner Gallery in Germany or in Bordeaux and in Paris in France. His works are presented in the museum in Cracow (Kraków) as well as in many private collections in Poland and abroad (Great Britain, France, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Austria). In Paris, there is a permanent exhibition covering about 20 works of Jasiński-Szela – paintings and drawings of abstraction period from 1975-1980. They were many times awarded prizes or honourable mentions at the international competitions or all Polish exhibitions.

The Artist is fascinated with nature and folklore and he creates his summer plein-air paintings in his family town Frampol. He may be met there at his easels painting the corners rendering the climate of his family town remembered from his childhood.

His full of reflections, so to say poetical landscapes and genre scenes of the beginning of the twenties century distinguish the Szela’s paintings against a background of works of the other creators. As Krzysztof Skorupski writes about him: “...their atmosphere concerns irreversible processes of the passing away, which we must accept. They present the world going away, exerting enormous influence upon us. The world we come back to with liking and emotion...”, “...The pictures of Kazimierz Jasiński-Szela are hopeful and full of good cheer; they dispose us favourably to the other people, smoothing over the remains of misunderstandings, putting us in a state of musing, reflection and the climate of provincial villages. They concern the subjects characterised by genre scenes of vanishing world. The world which, not long ago but then till the middle of the twentieth century, constituted the colouring tone of those villages and provincial towns”.

The works created by the Artist could be systemised according to the following periods: 

  • 1964-1980 early abstraction period

  • 1980 - till now realism covering the following series:

  • Teraz Frampol (Now Frampol)

  • Teraz Polska (Now Poland)

  • Teraz Bretania (Now Brittany)

The latest series: Teraz Bretania was inspired by the Artist’s trip to Brittany (France), where he met works created by local painters and visited the most picturesque corners of France, such as famous Golfe du Morbihan, Ile aux Moines or Pont d’Aven. Brittany, being known of its severe climate and nature, maintains its culture of individual character. The Artist rendered immediately the magic of that place into his canvas to produce a new series of his works.




From the beginning of my studies, my interests were exclusively concentrated on abstract painting and after those experiences there came a change towards realistic painting. That was a new challenge to me. Realistic painting carries with itself completely new questions and experiences. First, I borrow inspiration from my childhood, which led to the series of pictures titled: Teraz Frampol. The next series Teraz Polska consists of pictures coloured with grotesque and letterer’s craft comments playing a part of a compositional and partially literary element. As I was in Brittany a short time ago dealing with painting in the open air, I continue at present the plein-air series Teraz Bretania. The climate and nature of Brittany bewitched me. I hope that a new painting quality will be the fruit yielded by my further experiences.